"...frequently delightful, full of laugh-out-loud moments of absurdity..." - The Globe and Mail

"Many of the classic Hetian themes are in place in this story of dysfunctional innocents abroad; female friendship as an elusive holy grail, adulthood as an illusion, the hunger for authenticity and the chimerical nature of happiness. " - The New York Times

In 2001, Heti was commissioned to write a play for a feminist theatre company. She wrote about two families, the Oddis and the Sings, vacationing in Paris, when one of the children goes missing in a parade. Heti's experience of the play and its ultimate failure to reach production was fictionalized in her novel, How Should a Person Be? In 2015, McSweeney's published the script, which was mounted that year at New York's The Kitchen. 

Included are the lyrics for the ten songs Dan Bejar (Destroyer) wrote to accompany the original production. The book features two introductions, one by Heti and one by the show's director, Jordan Tannahill.



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