Should Artists Shop or Stop Shopping? an essay about the artist Sara Cwynar and the questions surrounding online shopping and whether it's a form of creativity, printed in the art journal Affadavit, May 2018.


I Didn't Like Sitting With the Rattle For Hours, an art essay for The Brooklyn Rail about the motherhood paintings of Paula Modersohn-Becker and Mary Cassatt, October 2017.


Finding Raffi, a profile of the world's most popular children's singer, published in Vulture, December 2015.


Rox, an appreciation of Susan Roxborough, book publisher and former Random House publicist, from the anthology A Manner of Being: Writers on their Mentors, republished at Lithub, November 2015.


A Right-Sized Dream, an appreciation of Moomin author Tove Jansson, first published in the Drawn & Quarterly 25th Year Anniversary Book and republished in The Paris Review, July 2015.


Sisters of the Moon, a meeting between Stevie Nicks and the band Haim, published in The New York Times Magazine, October 2014.


Should I Go to Grad School? an email conversation with Jessica Loudis, published in the Bloomsbury anthology of the same name, and reprinted in The New Yorker, May 2014.


A New Canadian Myth for New Canadian Times about making art in Canada—the real story versus the official story. Published on Back to the World, April 2013. 


On the Subject of Artists Talking about Art about the critical response to How Should a Person Be? accusing it of narcissism and navel-gazing. Published on Back to the World, December 2012.


Windows on the World, about the view outside the window in Sheila Heti's study, commissioned and illustrated by Matteo Pericoli for The Paris Review, and later collected in Periocoli's book, Windows on the World: Fifty Writers, Fifty Views, published by Penguin, September 2012.


Maisonneuve magazine (Montreal) published a five-part series on acting. The essays include: How To Act when You're Not ActingHuman Behaviour On Art and AuthenticitySpoiled for Choiceand Where Have all the Monologues Gone2011-2012.


Down the Rabbit Hole (PDF), an oral history about The Mad Hatter, the craziest children's party venue in the world, which happened to be in Toronto in the 80s. Published in The Grid, October 2011. (Please note that this is not the final-final version of this article, but a pre-proof version. The Grid no longer exists and this is the best that remains.)


Ryan Trecartin: Conversation and Critique, a review of an on-stage conversation with Ryan Trecartin, held in Toronto at the Drake Hotel. Published in Canadian Art, March 2010.


Essays about YouTube Videos, 6 essays published on Ryeberg about various YouTube videos, posted between June 2009 and June 2010.


Law of Small Numbersa consideration of Leonard Mlodinow's book, The Drunkard's Walk. Published in Geist, December 2009.


What Annie Knew, an essay for Peter Terzian's book Heavy Rotation (Harper Perennial) on the albums that changed our lives, republished in n+1, June 2009.


Yonge Street, A Seedy Mystery in Plain View, an essay for the Toronto Star printed on August 23, 2008 about Yonge Street, Toronto's "signature thoroughfare."


Back in the Day (Just a Few Years Ago), a reflection on being a student at the University of Toronto, published in The New York Times Magazine, September 2007.


Off The Pedestal, a consideration of Richard Serra's Shift, installed in King City, Ontario. Published in Geist, December 2006.


Why Go Out? a lecture delivered at Trampoline Hall, republished in Brick, March 2006.


Stealing Glances an article about the difficulty of eye contact in the city, published in Spacing magazine in 2005.