My Life is a Joke, a short story published in The New Yorker, May 2015. (It was discussed on the New Yorker Fiction Podcast by Deborah Triesman and Ottessa Moshfeg on July 2, 2018. Listen here.)


My Diaries (2006-10) in Alphabetical Order, (PDF) published in n+1, December 2013.


How To Be Good When You're Lost, an interpretation of the I Ching with art by Ted Mineo. Published online and in print by the UK press, Visual Editions, November 2013. Reprinted by Harper's magazine in Readings section from the July 2013 issue.


Autofill Email to the Corner of the Kitchen, a story written using the phone's auto-fill feature, published in The National Post, February 2015.


What do you see when you look at this... Five real people were given a psychological test that was popular in the 1950s; what they said was interpreted by a fictional analyst. Published in The Seattle Stranger, April 2015.


The Humble Simple Thing, a cut-up story created with, and illustrated by, Sara Lautman, August 2015.


How Often Should You Have Sex a Week? asked the Wheeler Centre. Here is one reply. November 2015.


Two Families, a story about what happens to a family when there's a stand-up comedian in that family. Published in The Guardian, July 2015.


Squirrel Attacks Man with Nuts, a short story about an empty Christmas holiday, published in Vice, January 2010.


There Is No Time in Waterloo (PDF), written for McSweeney's Issue 32. Story conceived with Margaux Williamson. October 2009.


Cape Cod Shoe, part of a project where writers were asked to write stories about eBay objects, published in the book Significant Objects, July 2009.


A Logical Love Story, a story about trying to write a story with one's father in the hospital. Published in Triple Canopy, issue 1, March 2008. 


The Poet and the Novelist as Roommates, a story from The Middle Stories, published on muumuu house, Spring 2001.


The Girl who Planted Flowers, a story from The Middle Stories, published on Muumuu House, Spring 2001.


Mermaid in a Jar, a story from The Middle Stories, published in Spring 2001.


The Fundamental Race, a story from The Middle Stories, published at McSweeney's.