"A gently compassionate portrait, a dramatic monologue, delivered by a man who considers himself a failure... Heti's account is a historical novel, but it is held together not by its historical accuracy but by its smoothly involving prose and by the melancholy intensity of its narrator. That it is the work of a postmodernist rather than a conventional realist can be felt in its compact and bold autonomy. It creates a single world of prose, a discrete unfurling address..." - James Wood, The New Yorker

Sheila Heti's second book was a novella published by FSG. It is loosely based on the notable authors and Boston Brahmins, William Hickling Prescott and George Ticknor (who was Prescott's biographer). In Ticknor, the unsuccessful Ticknor is on his way to his friend Prescott's house for a dinner party, carrying a pie in the rain, his thoughts circling through a lifetime of bitter resentments. (The reissue from Anansi includes an introduction by Ben Lerner.)




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